Djibo Sow

CEO & founder of Hygieia

Djibo is a French teacher reconverted as a professional cleaner.


After his degree in French philology , he was hired as a French teacher at an academy in the city of Granada in Spain.

 Djibo's salary was not much so he had to do overtime as a cleaner.

"I have to admit that I have always enjoyed cleaning more than teaching. I think it is a very noble job and that cleaning in one of the most important things in our daily lives. Imagine a house, an office, or anything that is never cleaned "


Djibo came in Sweden in January 2018 and start working as a cleaner for an important cleaning company in Stockholm.

After a few months Djibo was already managing big cleaning teams in two of the most important hotels in Stokholm,  HOTEL BERNS and BANK HOTEL.


Most of his colleague on his teams were asylum seekers and most of them have been passing by unfair working conditions with the company and anterior companies as well. They have been very badly paid (sometimes unpaid), treated super badly, constantly threatened, without contracts, without rights, without respect. While these companies advertise themselves as "WE LOVE TO CLEAN".

Djibo saw a lot off potential in the asylum seekers, who in some cases are aloud to work in Sweden while the Migration Office process they asylum cases.

One day, after experiencing a very unfair situation in one of his team, Djibo  decided that it was time to change things. Create a cleaning company that primarily hires asylum seekers. Create a real "WE LOVE TO CLEAN" team, sharing with them my love for cleaning.


Then Hygieia, a cleaning company for asylum seekers, by asylum seekers in Sweden, was born.


A company with ethical values, which treats its workers like gold, without distinction of race, sexual orientation, religion.


RainbowStäd is not a large company, much less a multinational, for now;), but we offer an excellent quality service. The same quality as any of the biggest cleaning companies in Sweden, and even better quality, because we are the ones who did the work for these big companies with bosses who don't know how to clean a glass.


We are very good cleaners and very good professionals and we want to serve you.


We are the cheapest because we only want a decent salary to survive well and not be a weight  for the  society.


Hiring Hygieia means getting excellent service and making a huge gesture for society.